Survivalist News sources the only very best Survival, Preparedness and Self Sufficiency news, articles, guides and practical skills shared around the preparedness community. We showcase the latest articles and podcasts from over 200+ top resource websites.

The Idea

The idea behind Survivalist News is simple; to provide the community with a central hub where you can keep up to date with all the latest happenings in the survival and prepper space. It started and remains a ‘one-man team’ and ALL of the content sourced for this site is hand-picked for quality, reliability, and usefulness.

Are We Stealing Other People’s Content?

No, we don’t steal other people’s content for one reason – it’s unethical. What we do is bring together the best articles, videos, podcasts, and interviews from hundreds of sources into one location. Each piece of content is displayed on the Survivalist News homepage with a title which links directly to the source content.

When you find an article that you like the sound of,  simply click on the title and you’ll be taken directly to the original source’s website.

All readers are redirected right back to the original post, ensuring that the original authors and sources get the credit and traffic that they deserve.

Can I Suggest A New Source?

Of course! We’re always looking for ways to improve Survivalist News in order to bring you, our readers, the very best survival-related news. All you have to do to suggest a new news source is to complete this form.

We encourage all requestors to help grow this community and resource by including a hyperlink on their website to survivalistnews.com.